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No Bleeding, No Pain Anymore - Laser Piles Treatment

Piles are swollen cushions of blood vessels found in the rectal or anal area. They can cause pain and bleeding.Untreated piles are  itchy and painful. Removal of piles is called Hemorrhoidectomy. In this operation the piles are asurgically cut and removed.This is a painful operation.
laser piles treatment

With the innovation of Laser technology this operation is made painless and without the need for cut or wound.

When compared to conventional methods Laser piles treatment comprises many advantages.
  • Laser piles treatment is the least painful procedure with nomuse of knife
  • No stitches, no scars
  • Minimum bleeding and the blood vessels are actually sealed by the laser without cutting
  • The tissues surrounding the affected tissues are not damaged
  • Laser piles prevent the occurrence of further medical complications such as anal stenosis
  • Healing is faster and effective
  • Short  hospital stay-can go home on the same day

Piles symptoms

  • Frequent constipation
  • Bleeding during motions
  • Pain while passing the motion
  • Itching at the anal area
  • Swelling (or) small protrusion at the anal site
piles treatment

In the Laser piles procedure, a sealed tube is filled with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas and a strong electrical current is passed through the enclosed tube. A colorless, narrow beam of light is created by the gas stimulation. To make the colorless light visible, a red light is added and then directed with the help of mirrors to the device’s hand-piece. There are two settings in laser such as Narrow beam cutting and wide beam vaporizing.

How is Laser piles treatment performed?

With the help of vaporizing setting, the smaller hemorrhoids are vaporized whereas the larger one is removed by a cutting mode.

Haemorrhoids Surgery In India

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